Thursday, April 4, 2013

Peeling Through The Layers

Last weekend I had a chance to capture some wild interior textures of peeling wallpaper and cracked plaster. Usually, when I see this sort of thing in another photographer's image... it is some post-Soviet era abandoned hospital or somesuch. It always seems like the cool images happen a few plane tickets and months of travel away from here. This opportunity was just down the road from us. In a gorgeous home. On a beautiful spring day.

It made me very aware that most of the time we tend to see what we want to see, rather than actually seeing what is all around us. I feel mighty lucky for being in the right state of mind, camera in hand, on a good day.

And yes, there are other minor textures and slight color shifts added in Photoshop in post.


  1. That house is wonderful and needs someone who has time and money to take it to a new place. I love old houses and was raised in one, but I know that keeping one up is a job. I have been thinking about this house and wondering if we will ever finish those unfinished corners.... possibly not.
    You have the best eye for looking at things.

    1. I really hope someone will buy this house and turn it into a fantastic B&B. It is so incredible (and huge!) that buying it for a single family home seems like a waste. It isnt that it wouldn't be FUN to have such a huge house, just impractical. You can actually get lost inside this house. There are built-ins and closets all over the place. I haven't shot any of the downstairs rooms yet and there are so many of those too! There is a gigantic room (bigger than most folks' basements) that could be an ideal home office where one could meet with clients, do massage therapy, etc.

      You are totally right about a house like this needing time and money. It is a big commitment, but for someone who has that desire, this is a steal of a price. A home like this, renovated, in this town would sell for upwards of $1M. And the seller is asking $220k.

      I am excited to see it as the project progresses.