Sunday, May 26, 2013

Local Hot Rods and Old Farts

One of the things I love so much about living in a small town is watching collectors of vintage cars celebrate the onset of summer by bringing their cars out of their winter storage and showing them off throughout the summer. In our little town, the often do weekend cruise-ins at our local grocery store. Sometimes it happens down in Ithaca at Walmart.

After ten years, I still cant figure out what the timing is, but most of the time the light is crap and you're shooting on a hot asphalt surface. Not ideal for making glamour shots of old cars. This past weekend, the car show took place at the local fairgrounds, under overcast skies and underneath tall trees just beginning to leaf out. Dappled sunlight on a grey day = perfect opportunity for photographing old cars!


  1. on behalf of all old farts everywhere, I protest.

    1. I will enter your protest with the appropriate authorities. I am sure when enough protests have been submitted, a petition will circulate to protect the rights of ancient flatulence everywhere. Not to worry! They are coming to save the stench.