Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring Into Summer and Back Again

Last weekend, Nancy and Aurora and I had a chance to enjoy the sunshine. It wasn't too terribly hot or too sunny. Collectively we decided to hit a local car show and then visit the Cornell Plantations. When we got to the Plantations, it was surprisingly un-busy.

We wandered around the gardens, noticing that for the most part, the flowers were devoid of bees visiting them. The only place where the bees were prolific, was in the cherry tree. This is in stark contrast to what I am used to at the Plantations. Normally you can hear the bees everywhere. A single tulip usually has 2-3 bees inside each bloom. Not this year. I don't really understand why. I know about colony collapse, and I know that orchards are really struggling... but is this hitting across all forms of bees now? Not just honeybees? If so, we are totally screwed.


  1. I was very grateful these past few weeks that the trees and shrubs here at home were singing and dancing with bee activity. But, like you, I am very worried.

    1. Have you seen anywhere near the numbers of bees as in years past? I am worried about ANYTHING getting pollinated. I have had NO bees in my peas yet. My cherries seem to have been well pollinated, but I never saw any bees. I have seen a few carpenter bees out, and quite a few parasitic wasps feasting on aphids on my roses... but no bumblebees or honeybees.