Friday, May 17, 2013

Springtime is fleeting

By the time the allium begin to bloom, it usually means that summer is close at hand. That means bugs: mosquitoes, biting flies, gnats, and by June, we start getting deer flies and horseflies. Today, I dosed myself liberally with the bug dope early in the morning. Got started in the garden just about the time it started to warm up. Went back out again after noon with Nancy. Went out again, just before the sun set... just so I could capture a few late afternoon images of our alliums.

I also took a few photos of our container gardening in process. So far, spinach and peas are doing quite well. My guess is that they would be even happier with a good rainfall each week, but we haven't seen significant rain since March. Might be another dry summer. There is something so comforting about harvesting your dinner by the handful (and not having to stoop to pick it!). I can't wait until the cilantro is up and ready to nibble!

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  1. Alliums bloomed yesterday here, always a welcome site!