Thursday, June 27, 2013

Growing Plants in VERY Raised Beds

This past summer, Nancy suggested we try gardening in raised beds. We thought about wooden sided raised beds, but they weren't really going to be high enough to achieve my goal of eliminating bending. Bending at the waist for the last three and a half years has been nearly impossible for me because of the herniation at my ostomy. Nancy came across some groovy ideas for making raised beds in containers using old galvanized troughs and tubs. Seemed kinda silly when I first thought about it, but after we tried out our first one last summer, we went nuts through the winter. 

This summer is the first time we are using them to produce food.... and WOW! Do they produce food!! We have two containers with peas, and brassicas. Both have produced far more food than we would have seen in 2-3x the space on the ground. No weeding really to speak of. VERY dense growing. The main "weeding" has been constant thinning of plants. If it stops producing, it comes up out of the dirt and something else goes in. Very different way of gardening for me.


  1. where there is a will, there is a way. Not only does this work well it looks fabulous.
    I love growing food and flowers. Feeds me in many ways.

    1. What I am really enjoying is the lower level of predation. Fewer bunnies eating stuff, less slug damage, no deer damage on the ones that are inside our fence. And because the plants are at waist to eye level, you can see into the canopy clearly... and that means you can find the odd pea pod that you would otherwise have missed. VERY fun proposition. Cant wait till we turn one of these troughs into a little pond with water plants and a fountain next summer!