Friday, June 21, 2013

Seriously Warped (and Twisted!)

This compilation of short stories from Gordon Bonnet is incredible. I was asked to come up with cover art based on the lead story. When the story is so graphic and simple, yet seriously twisted, creating an image to illustrate that kind of imagery is tough. Especially since the story takes place in a desert... inside a car. Hmmm. Hard to shoot that sort of image when it is springtime in upstate NY.

This series of short stories has no shortage of  avenues down the creepy, twisty roads of weirdness. I am honored to have been asked again, to illustrate such a fine storyteller's work. Now that it has made it's way to the bookshelf, I am waiting to see what the next novel will hold!


  1. seriously warped and twisted but be good, congrats on an intriguing cover.

    1. Thanks. What I love is that Gordon Bonnet already let me know what he wants to try for his next bookcover and I have started figuring out the pre-vis stuff so we can try some ideas and see if we can make it happen. SO COOL!