Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trying To Muddle Through

I think this photo was snapped by Granny over a decade ago. Before the coma, before the hernia, before the back surgeries. Looking at Aurora's face, I don't think any of us thought we would ever have to muddle through so much to get where we are today. 

So where are we? We are in Rochester, four days post-op after finally having my colostomy reversed and the massive hernia fixed. The original plan was that they would send me home 3-4 days after surgery... but as with all the best laid plans... we didn't account for a sluggish large intestine. Apparently waking it up with a great big hernia going-away party with lots of lights and streamers wasn't enough to wake it up from its 4 yr slumber. 

Satuday, today, has been spent trying to get peristalsis to happen. Instead I am tending to a truculent large intestine by offering it things like lime jello. C'mon! You want this process to get underway? Toss a large cheese pizza under the door and watch this intestine wake up and take notice!

But this distracts me from the muddle.

With copious time on my hands, I have been thinking a great deal about the last time I was in the hospital for the "extended stay" at the luxurious ICU suites. Aurora was so stalwart when she came to  see me in the ICU back in 2009. When she came to see me earlier today (and again a few days ago) it was such a difference experience for her. She knew I was safer, doing better physically, and most importantly, she was able to talk to me about the things going on in her life. Today she left just so she could go home and attend a friend's graduation party. I can't remember the last time Aurora wanted to go to a party. That she could feel secure enough in my well being to relax and enjoy herself means we have made a ton of progress muddling through all the trauma from four years ago. 

It has been a long slog, uphill for a frustrating amount of the time, but with this surgery working out so well, it feels like there is something so positive to look forward to now. That is incredibly exciting! Feels less like muddling through and more like a breakthrough!

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