Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bottoms Up

I realized this week that I have been photographing the When and If for over a year now. There has been such a huge change in tempo over the past month or two. There are a host of new folks working on the restoration. They had a crew of guys come down from Maine to take care of caulking the decks. While I was there this past week, they were working on painting the hull and painting the interiors of the boathouses (more images of that soon). So much has happened since summer turned into fall. Soon, the When and If will be moved down to Watkins Glen for the winter. My understanding is that by getting it back in the water soon, it will help re-swell the things that have dried out, and it will also make the boat much closer to the guys who are doing all of this work.

I look at a shape like this and it speaks to me of organic forms like the face of a great whale. It is difficult to grasp the scale when looking at photos on a computer screen. This boat is sizeable! About 60' long. Out of the water it is over 12' to the deck. As I looked up at the bow, from the ground, it was (and always is) a strange experience. Imposing, perhaps is the best word. You feel almost like as it rises over your head, that somehow, you should recognize its massiveness. I can't wait to see it from the water's edge soon!

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