Monday, October 14, 2013

Putting It All Back Together (on the When and If)

It is all coming together. Starting with the decking.... row after neat row of teak was laid down. Then screwed down with bronze screws...whose holes would later be plugged with teak plugs. You can see Seth Salzmann flush cutting the plugs in the first image.

About a week ago, a caulking crew was brought in from Maine to drive the cotton and apply the rubber that overlays the cotton. Now the decks are nearly ready to have the boathouses reattached.

There is so much that goes into every step of restoring this schooner. It seems like a never ending process, and yet, we are getting close to the end of her time on dry land. I expect that these boathouses will be painted this week and probably reattached to the deck before next week is done. The goal is to get the When and If back into the water and moved down Seneca Lake to Watkins Glen for the winter. The locks on the lake close in November... so time is of the essence.

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