Saturday, November 2, 2013

The When and If Heading Through the Canal

On Wednesday, after getting the When and If into the water at the marina's launch, the crew motored her up the canal and moored for the night in Seneca Falls. As I have come to understand, when you're working with a narrow window of good weather, you change plans accordingly.

When I arrived this morning, the When and If was sitting silently on a very still canal, just where she's been since Wednesday. Today the plan was to motor from Seneca Falls through the locks in Waterloo, and then down Seneca Lake to her next temporary home in Watkins Glen.

The day started out still and grey with foreboding skies on the horizon. By the time the crew and friends were loaded on board, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds and gave a nice warm glow to the waning autumn colors on shore.

In the past, I have stood and watched as boats have passed through the locks in Waterloo. It is such a fascinating way of moving vessels. At some later date, I'd like to write more about the whole process. Today however, it was all about watching this beautiful vessel sail off down the last bit of the canal into the expanse of Seneca Lake.


  1. Living on Lake Erie I find images stunningly beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Sandy. It is a far cry from the work I used to do in clay.

      I really hope that after they restore the interior this winter, I'll be able to photograph her from the waterside. Would love to get some low angles. We'll see!