Monday, December 30, 2013

Great White North? Yeah, Right

We don't really get serious winter up here anymore. I forget that during the months between May and December. I always get my hopes up. I remember back when I first moved north back in 1989. That winter I saw multiple storms drop more than two feet of snow with each passing storm. Snow drifts over my head. In January we had a week where the daytime highs were never above zero. It was my first winter outside of Miami, FL. I was so excited.

Every winter in the Northeast has been less impressive than the one that preceded it since then. What I always overlook is that nasty grey/black dirtiness that accompanies the snow. When I lived in Utah, the snow was white and fluffy. VERY fluffy. The sun would come out after the storm abated. You could sweep the snow off your steps with a broom. Even when the snow was a foot deep, it was always fluffy. The roads would be free of snow usually within a day or so. The only downside was that at night, the preponderance of of black ice was insane. I swore off driving through the canyons at night after seeing accident after accident.

Aurora found this massive pile of "Christmas" snow piled up in the parking lot of our relatively local outlet mall. Grey day, grey snow. Yay, holiday spirit! Since then, it has rained almost daily. Rain... in December. Sheesh. Makes me excited to move to Seattle where the rain is rain and the green sticks around all year.

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