Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Landscape Three Ways

I tend to see in black and white when I shoot. Even before I take a look at my white balance settings for the scene, I am already looking at it in terms of what I will be able to do once I get home to the digital darkroom (Nik software and OnOne software). That pre-visualization makes such a difference in terms of deciding how to wrestle with contrast and tonal range. In short, I like knowing what I am going to get long before I go "click". 

This was my first attempt to try to capture some of the odd blue-ish green glow that I saw in the sky. After editing, something about it just didn't rock my world. One thing that was critically apparent was that my sensor was dirtier than my teenager's bedroom. Holy COW! There is nothing like a barren sky like that to show off every bloody dust speck on your camera's sensor. Yikes.

And this final image is the original image, complete with lone weed standing in the snow field. Look closely and you will see all those lovely dust specks that drive me mad with frustration. Time to get in there to do some cleaning.

I think my biggest frustration with this scene was that I was already tired of driving around PA and was ready to be heading home. In a perfect world, I would have liked to have driven much closer to this windfarm in hopes of creating more interesting compositions. Ideally, I would love to go back, sneak around closer to the base of one of the towers and then push the rest off into the receding distance. Unfortunately, as anyone who has driven around Pennsylvania knows, there is no straight road anywhere. Every road goes up and around John's barn and past the boulder, where you make a right turn at the gas station that burned down ten years ago... you'll see the turn. And when you get there...or where you think "there" should be... all that is there is a bunch of trees. Worse, this time of year, you just find trees and snow. Sometimes the road is almost negligible... an afterthought of what might have been a road in better times.

So, I have my work cut out for me. An interesting subject awaits. I just need to find the time and map out a route for a return trip down to this wind farm. It would also be fun to test out some of these new mirrorless cameras during this jaunt. I might just have to break down and rent a few through LensRentals.com.


  1. hard time seeing your dust specks because of all the specks on my damn monitor. It's a dusty world out there. Sheesh.

    1. and now, 7 months later, I finally have a doodad that will let me clean dust specks off my camera's sensor! YAY!