Sunday, April 20, 2014

Visiting VT in the Springtime

I tend to forget that Vermont has mountains. It is easy to forget since VT is far enough away to not really be an easy get-away for the day kinda jaunt. It is however, beautiful. Whether looking at the Green Mountains of Vermont or the High Peaks of the Adirondacks from across Lake Champlain, the views are inspiring.

As if you didn't already know of my longstanding love for photographing graveyards... here is yet another example...this one taken from the passenger seat by Aurora as we zoomed along down the road.

This last image was made as we left our trip through Vermont on our way through the Berkshires of Massachusetts. The town of North Adams (in a daylong deluge of grey and rain) made me wish we were back in Vermont again where the fields were starting to show the greens of Spring. The following morning in Amherst, we were greeted with snow and ice. Where is this Spring I keep hearing about?

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