Friday, July 18, 2014

Almost Ready to Sail

Yesterday, the S/V When and If had her masts reinstalled at Katlynn Marine, Sodus Bay, on Lake Ontario. An incredible orchestration of coordinated effort by everyone! It is incredible to see the When and If with her spars back on. When I first saw the schooner, nearly a year and a half ago, her masts and rigging had already been removed before coming down the Erie Canal into Cayuga Lake. Seeing things coming together this summer has been fantastic! Next step: Seeing her underway with sails unfurled!

The guys operating the crane used nothing more complex than a bowline to lift the masts! Boy Scout knots finally come in handy.

Both masts are up and the working of setting up the standing rigging begins!


  1. (from a previous life) - the hard part for the crane operator is not the knot - it's the angle of the boom in relation to the load. Too much load over too much angle and the crane becomes part of the sailboat. All a matter of balance - a delicate balance.

  2. That is certainly part of the difficulty. Additionally there is the fact that he cant see inside the hole. He has no idea when it is seated. Plus, and this is an odd issue I hadn't thought of.... the boat doesnt sit flat in the water. So when the mast go into the boat, they are, in theory, plumb because of hanging from a rope... a pendulum.... but the boat sits level in the water only AFTER the masts are on and the chains, windlass and rigging is aboard. Probably another 2-3 tons of stuff still have to weigh the bow down before the schooner will sit level in the water.... so the masts actually have to lean slightly back, as they are set into the boat. That never occurred to me until a few of the crew explained it to me. Wild stuff!