Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hot Wedding in Austin, Texas

The last weekend in June saw Aurora and I in Austin TX, for my sister's wedding. Maggie and Matt Spangenberg got married at a beautiful outdoor location up in the hills, outside of Austin. I have never met such a cast of characters! The bridal party was a hoot!

With temperatures into the 90's that day, the outdoor ceremony was brief and joyful. Of course, the best part for me: getting to see my sister so incredibly happy! Photographing weddings can be a lot of effort, but when they are this much fun, the work melts away and the energy and excitement take over.

This was my second wedding using a combined kit of both Nikon and Fuji equipment: the D300s and the X-T1. What was interesting was seeing how natural the colors were from the Fuji. Straight from the camera, I could have gone with JPGs alone and been just fine. If Fuji could bump up the dynamic range, that would be lovely... but other than that, I have no complaints with the X-T1. My Fuji 55-200 however, I have a mountain of complaints about. Well, really just one BIG complaint. Every time I snapped it onto the body, it would give me the lovely error: Turn Camera On and OFF again. In other words, the contacts between the lens and body were not happy. The lens has gone back to Fuji for repair or replacement. I am holding my breath that it gets back into my hands within a month.

The nice part about using the Nikon D300s is that after all the years of using it, I can put it into my hands, not think about any aspect of the camera and just shoot. 95% of what I see it captures perfectly. Everything else typically needs some massaging in LR5. This group shot was taken with the Fuji. With the extremes of dappled shade mixed with intense sun, it couldn't keep up. I set up the Nikon with PocketWizards and a speedlight on a monopod. Those images turned out spot on, no editing needed. If Fuji came out with a lighting system that cooperated with PWs I would be mighty impressed. I would love to have something like the AC3 that I could use with the PW Mini, to trigger and dial in my flashes the way I do with the Nikon. For now though, I will keep exploring the possibilities with the Fuji.

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