Monday, October 27, 2014

Amazing Performance by Beats Antique

Every now and then, you get one of those chance to do something totally amazing, off-the-wall,... real bucket list sort-of things. Last night Nancy and I got to photograph Beats Antique. From the pit. We're talking In FRONT of FRONT row! We had time to walk around beforehand, watching everything get setup and all the performers prepare... and then as the show concluded, I got pulled up on stage to capture a huge audience portrait with the band. 

Now, this opportunity would have been a fantastic privilege for any photographer, but for us, HUGE long time fans, this was seriously over the top. Nancy had been chomping at the bit to go see Beats Antique since we first heard about them over four years ago. She has always loved Zoe Jakes and her incredible dance/movement/style. Getting to see all that goes into a show was flat out WICKED!

Nancy is the coolest second shooter, because really, who wants to put up with me after a long hot day shooting, me getting grumpy and tired. Nancy puts up with all of my grumpiness and even brings me water and memory cards.

 Last night we set her up with the Fuji X100S. Punched the ISO as high as it could go... and she squeezed her way up front, right below the stage. From there she made some fantastic images of the performance and the crowd. From my vantage, parked between a giant speaker and the barricade, and with my wide angle lens on the Fuji XT1, I was capturing huge swaths of the stage and great views of the crowd... but I couldn't really get anything nearly as close as Nancy. In the end, this was the perfect combination. We couldn't have planned it any better. Our images dovetailed into one another. Reviewing the images today has been a hoot. Almost like reliving all the wild crazy excitement of last night. I can't thank Beats Antique and Nova Han enough, for inviting us to photograph the performance last night.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Aurora's Senior Photos

I feel like I have photographed everyone else's kids in the past few months... but not my own. What do they say about a Cobbler's kids?

It was a perfect weekend afternoon with stormy grey skies overhead when Aurora and I went off to Treman State Park. The leaves were changing color and everything felt cool and damp. The trail was filled with folks out for the day, enjoying the fall foliage. Trying to avoid folks walking into our photoshoot was the hardest part of the day.

Tomorrow Aurora and I zoom off to Oregon to look at more colleges. Her applications are coming along. Financial aid applications will get worked on when we get back home next week. I have never felt time fly by so fast in my life. I know that between now and August of next year, time will be a freight train being driven off a cliff driven by wild lions... but I never expected it to feel this fast.