Monday, November 24, 2014

Feeling Lost

It isn't often that I will admit to feeling lost. That certainly doesn't mean I don't feel lost... but actually admitting that I am feeling is lost... that takes some doing. Tonight I feel lost.

Reading about the grand jury's decision in Ferguson makes me wonder if we can ever really look at the divisions in this country with any level of honest inquiry. I feel lost when I look at the massive amount of hate and vitriol that people are spilling over with... so much fear and anger and mistrust. Our fear of other... our fear of what someone else might be or might do... is pathological.

I could go on. I have a lot I want to say about police violence, about fear of Islam, about racism, about class issues, about violence in general. Not tonight. For tonight it is enough for me to feel lost and to just sit with that feeling.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Breaking Bad (or why I don't want to be a pine board)

After watching this year's board breaking demonstrations by both the Lansing dojo and the Trumansburg High School dojo, all I can say is that Cayuga Lake Seido karateka can put some serious hurt on those pine boards! Seeing all that focus and power is absolutely awesome. Watching kids who moments earlier were certain that the pain and fear of breaking a board would keep them from succeeding, suddenly powering their way through... that was amazing to see!

You can tell, I have a soft spot for this blue haired kid o'mine. That face, that kiai...and that POWER! Whooya!