Thursday, January 22, 2015

Who Cares How Cold It Is?

All winter long, everyone complains about how cold it is in Upstate New York. Yes, it is cold. That's why we have a special name for this season. Winter. Sure as heck isnt Springtime. Despite the cold, a few days ago we had a warm spell. The sun came out (a real rarity this winter!)... and before noon we had temperatures getting above freezing. A day later the mercury gave up the ghost and it was back down in the low teens. What that does at Taughannock Falls is simply a marvel. The layers of ice accumulate, shear off, pile up, and repeat. As the ice gets thicker, it starts to become almost jade-like. In the fading light there is a luminous and mystical quality to the massive falls covered in ice.


  1. your waterfall made the nature segment that always concludes my favorite TV show (CBS Sunday Morning) -- not bad.