Saturday, February 21, 2015

Getting Off the Beltway

In all the years I have driven up and down the East Coast on my way from Massachusetts to Florida, I have always skirted the downtown DC area by way of the Beltway. It has been on my list of places to visit, but never seemed like a good time. Last week was our school district's Winter Break, so Aurora and I hopped in the van and zipped 6 hrs down to DC. 

We had made virtually no plans. We had a hotel reservation and some ideas about taking the Metro into the downtown area. We had a dinner date planned with an incredible photographer and his wife... to talk about the business of photography. Other than that, I knew we wanted to see as many museums as we could fit into our short visit. 

Aurora had visited DC a few times with her mom years ago, always during the summer months. DC is mighty different in the dead of winter. The reflecting pool is drained. The grass is dead and frozen solid. Everyone was bundled up for an arctic blast when we arrived, despite the temps being around 30°F. We walked around in fleeces our first day, enjoying the respite from the wicked cold we left back home (-20°F with windchill). 

Washington DC was a fascinating place to visit. The museums on the mall could keep anyone busy for weeks! We only saw a few, despite that being our main goal. We saw the Native American Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Air and Space Museum, the Botanical Gardens and the Lincoln Memorial.

I'll post a few more images from our trip throughout this coming week. There was so much to see and enjoy that trying to cram it all into one blog post would be a huge disservice. Plus, there are just so many more fun images I want to share.

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