Saturday, March 14, 2015

Getting Up Early

Most mornings I struggle to get out of bed. There's always something that aches. Whether its my bad back or some weird post-surgical pain... there's inevitably something. Usually my first step to joining the land of the living is to ice my back for a bit, sip some tea and try to regain my wits. A handful of Tylenol or Advil and more tea. More ice for my back.

All of that gets thrown aside if the sky is lit up like this. To hell with waiting for my body to feel better! I am out the door in sub-zero weather in hopes of capturing the crazy light that is painting the morning snow! It is usually when I am standing by the road, in near-darkness with my camera happily clicking away as I make images... that I suddenly realize I forgot to grab a coat. And that I cant feel anything south of my nose. Yikes!

But, I am awake! And the camera is full of wild vivid images that ten minutes later had faded to merely pleasant. Totally worth the effort!

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