Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Features of Lightroom Creative Cloud

Yesterday's big news all across the interwebs, was Adobe's latest release of Lightroom CC. Up until about a year ago, I would purchase LR whenever it went on sale (usually in the late fall)... and I would enjoy it until the newest features of the latest release compelled me to upgrade. I joined the CreativeCloud subscription service so that I could skip the waiting for the latest release. Now whenever there is a new feature being added, it automatically upgrades. The monthly cost was initially met with resistance, but now I just chalk it up as one more cost of doing business.

So what was the big deal with yesterday's release? Lightroom now can see faces!

Yeah, I know Facebook and Google have been identifying us for quite a while now. The difference with LR doing it is that now it takes that facial recognition and makes it into a searchable keyword-like function. In the first image, with Kyoshi Robin and Aurora, I can search my entire database of hundreds of thousands of images... just for Kyoshi Robin... and it will go and find them (assuming of course, that I turned on facial recognition and let LR go find them all). It is not perfect but it certainly is a huge step in the right direction!

all of the images of Aurora in this collection... even the blurry images of her face!

One of the best aspects of this new facial recognition is that (much like in FB) you can add folks manually. Granted, you could always keyword people's names into your keywords in LR, but now you can actually select their faces specifically... and then when sorted by names you can see them ALL at a glance.

Today there is a class on CreativeLive where all these new features are discussed in incredible detail!  Apparently CreativeLive will keep this as a free class indefinitely. This will be hugely helpful for folks who choose to upgrade to LR-CC.

After I do some more work with panoramas this week, I will post my thoughts about the Panorama Stitching and HDR possibilities in LR-CC. I am super excited to see how these new features with this latest release affect my workflow and the image possibilities.

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