Friday, June 26, 2015

Graduation is Tomorrow

Today, Aurora had her rehearsal for tomorrow's graduation. She came home with her cap and gown... which meant we had to try it on and have some fun. Even Georgia Rose got in on the fun, although she couldn't quite figure out what the business with the tassels was. Tasty though.

Tomorrow I will pack my camera alongside my handkerchief. Perhaps after the big day is over I will be able to collect my thoughts and words into something coherent. I wish I could explain away my emotional state by blaming it on jet lag from Texas. If you had seen the look on Aurora's face after she finished her job interview this afternoon it might make more sense. 

So much is coming together so fast right now. It feels like that last heavy, empty glide in the  jet plane just before the wheels touch down... so fast, so loud and then WHAM! You are on the ground and rolling. Or maybe it is the surge down the runway just before takeoff? 

Who says Doodles can't go to graduation ceremonies? 

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