Thursday, July 9, 2015

Driving Color

After nearly ten years of garden neglect (five since the coma), I finally moved many of my daylilies this spring. Back when I first planted these daylilies, there were only a few dozen (okay, that's a lie... I planted over a hundred...but who's counting?)

It has now been more than a decade of watching them get overrun by weeds and grass. When the tiny shoots first popped up this year, I tried to dig as many out as I possibly could and replanted them with all of the new roses from Der Rosenmeister Nursery in Ithaca. I wasn't expecting any of the daylilies to bloom, given the shock of transplanting and the weirdness of our very dry spring.

Surprise! This has been the biggest year of blooms ever! I am seeing blooms on daylilies that I had no idea we had. Rich color and huge blooms are everywhere!! So how many did I end up moving this spring? Well over 200 at last count. There are still over 200 more still in pots waiting to be divided and replanted. Exhausts me just thinking about it.

I am realizing as I watch things growing in, that I am really bad about judging space between plants. Inevitably, I plant things way too close together. The upside is that the garden beds look great this year! Next year though, things are going to need to be divided again I guess. I should probably join a plant trade group and swap with folks who have vines (which we need) or shrubs etc. Anyone need some amazing daylilies?

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