Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting There

Portland is Canadian

Folks here are way too nice. They are so freakin' polite they cant merge into traffic. It took four days of driving and cutting folks off before I finally got honked at! I said: Sorry ... And all was forgiven. Sooo west coast!

Totally unprepared.

They have moved into Reed. They have met their dormies. They meet with their adviser today. Time for us to fly back home. We're leaving a huge chunk of ourselves here in Portland.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Tickling Bumblebees

That moment when I bumblebee is so intent on the flower's nectar that you can get close enough to touch them.... that is the moment we called "tickling the bees". We could stroke their backs, gently. We have been doing it since Aurora was probably younger than five. Today was one of those calm days where the bees were loud and active. Pollen baskets were full on most of the bees I saw. I found one huge bumbler who was nearly the size of my thumb. I stroked his back gently, being careful not to disturb the massive pollen collection he had.

As I walked back towards the house I realized that we have some very odd traditions in our family. I felt a pang of loss, knowing that next spring, Aurora would be carrying on this tradition on the other side of the country.