Friday, October 30, 2015

Slowing Down

Waterfall at Treman State Park, gorge trail, Ithaca NY. Fuji X100s, ND filter, 20 sec exposure.

This time of year, I tend to reflect on the passing of the seasons. For me there is a special significance that occurs as we transition from the Halloween build-up through the first week of November. When I left the hospital six years ago, after having only been outside two times in two months, it was such an incredible shock. To go from green trees of late summer in September to seeing the color washed off the autumn trees in November was such a blow.

As a result, each year, I look forward to this time. I think part of it is that I don't want to miss it again. Unfortunately, it seems to always pass too quickly. This year, I felt very lucky that we had such incredible weather for most of the month of October. Once the rain and winds arrived this week, I knew that the days of riotous color were done and the period of grey, brown and sticks for trees had begun. It is all part of the cycle, certainly... but this year I felt slightly vindicated. I had made the effort and as a result I had seen more of the fall than in years past.

Looking back over the images from the month, I am coming to the realization that there is a significant change in the tone of my work. There is something different this time around. I have photographed these gorges and waterfalls in every season for all of the years that I have lived here... but I have never felt more surprised by the final results.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Missing Things

Just looking over these images on the computer makes me feel ready to pack my bags to leave. It has barely been more than a month and I am so ready to go back.