Monday, January 11, 2016


Today as Aurora and I were driving back from the grocery store, we got to talking about ways in which we wish our phones and cameras were more integrate-able into our other functions. It is hard to imagine a time before smartphones. When I pick up my DSLR and have to remember to take the memory card out, the upload the images into Lightroom, then edit them, then maybe remember to share them... I am painfully aware of how far this idea of digital integration has to go. It isnt enough for a camera to have wifi capability. It isnt enough for a phone to have a camera. There are so many times where I wish that these objects could plug and play with one another... slide the phone into a slot on my telescope and it can let me capture far better images of the night sky... put all three of our family phones together to sync them and now they become common screens shared between each of us simultaneously, all fed by another tablet or pc somewhere... so many ways to integrate, but our capitalist dreams of buying it all prevent that idea from germinating.

As Aurora and I walked around the antique store yesterday I was impressed by how many objects had served two or more functions in their lifetime. In a few instances, they had been used over multiple generations to the point where the original object was lost in obscurity, being totally integrated into a completely new form. I don't see that happening in our digital age. It is possible though. It would be an incredible way to recycle all of this electronic waste. Reintegrating it into new innovative products. Just not sure it jives with our need to buy the newest/best/latest.