Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Birthday Fast Approaches

Martin at about 1-2 yrs old

When I was about eleven or twelve, we lived in a house in Hialeah that previously was owned by my dad's Aunt Teddie and Uncle Irving. The first house I grew up in was only a few blocks away from the huge municipal city pool, Milander Pool. Having a pool in the backyard was a completely different thing! This pool party was probably back in 1983-84, if I had to guess. 

 For the past few weeks, I have been scanning my old family photos. The bulk of them have been stored in the old "magnetic" photo albums with adhesive pages. I guess if you stored photographs in a bucket of rusty nails filled with water you might have a worse method of preserving those memories. Trying to get the images un-stuck from the adhesive has been a big pain in the neck. Scanning hasn't been without its frustrations. I am struggling to get decent saturation in the image while also dealing with dust specks and fingerprints and image degradation.

My dad with the neighbor kids including Sondra and Sue Jean and Lee Ho.
Having a pool meant that almost any birthday was cause for a pool party. Since the majority of the kids I knew were on the swimming team, it sort of made sense. I don't know if I ever saw one of my fellow Seahorses on a bike... but by god, I saw them in every Speedo they owned. Every weekend from May through October, if there wasn't a swim meet, we were likely celebrating someone's birthday. Most of us ended up with bleached hair and webs between our fingers and toes.