Saturday, August 27, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend in NYC

Summertime and the Living is Sweaty

Lodi Point on Seneca Lake, Fuji XT1, 12mm Zeiss f/2.8

Not nearly enough swimming this summer. I have only been in the lake twice. Too hot to swim? Never thought I would think so... but this summer the water hasn't brought much relief. You get out of the nice cool water and the sweating starts before you've toweled dry. Ugh.

My friend Carrie was here from Chicago with her friend Jari (from Finland) last week. We hiked up and down Treman Gorge a few times in the evening and again in the morning, trying to capture the falls in just the right light.

Jari had the coolest travel tripod. Folded down into almost nothing. He used it non-stop to create long exposure images. I can't wait to see what he created once he gets home and can post images on FB.