Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Once Again

Storm clouds between downpours. Metaphor for my experience?

For the second time in less than eight years, I am closing up shop. Back in June of 2016, I started working at Cornell Dairy Extension as part of the Food Science Department of Cornell University. It was part time, temp, admin stuff. Over the past few months the job has grown, the responsibilities have increased, full time work beckoned. In the end, there are just not enough hours in the day. Last month, I decided to close the photography studio. It hadn't been bringing in enough money to justify keeping the lights on. Without a massive push in advertising and marketing, we were stuck in neutral. Working as much as I have been since the New Year, I just didn't have it in me. Nancy and I talked it through, multiple times, until realizing that all of the best aspects of the business were still available to me, but I could jettison the parts that drove me nuts. So I closed the business but retained most of my gear. Some is being slowly sold off... mostly my Nikon gear. I am still shooting, although not nearly as often. I tend to find myself with just my phone in hand at opportune times. I have to say, as much as it pains me, these new iPhones really have killed the compact camera. The images they can create are fantastic... but more importantly, I can edit the images immediately, in that instant... which opens up a whole different level of possibilities.

I expect that the blog will most likely die off since there are precious few who read it during the active stages of the business. See you on Facebook.