Friday, October 5, 2018

Trying to Figure Out What Comes Next

By now most of my family and friends have heard that our house was struck by lightning earlier this week. While our house is still sound, we did sustain damage to much of our electronic equipment. This included frying our router and modem.. and also our server. 

What this means is that while I can go out and buy a new router and modem (which we did)... I cant replace the images that were lost on the server. Every single photo I have taken for the last twenty years is gone. There is hope that some might be recoverable, but hopes are not high. This means that all of my personal photos as well as those I took for clients and friends are gone. 

I have lots of regrets.... tons of regrets. I wish I had made enough money to afford the backup storage to the cloud. I wish I had burned hard copies of my images to DVD/CD/Flash memory. I wish I had made books for my kid and relatives so they would own hard copies of some of these great family photos. 

But that is all stuff I wish I had done. I didnt do them. The reasons were pretty obvious: lack of money. I also thought having a server set up in RAID would offer magical protection from catastrophic failure. As my dad said: lightning doesn't strike twice... well, yeah it does. This is our second lightning strike. Last one killed all of the big white pines along our driveway. I am pretty sure the coma eight years ago counts as a lightning strike too. 

I am sorry I hadn't made enough money to afford a gigantic dropbox account with 10TB of space.
I am sorry I didnt save disks with everyone's photos on them.

I wish I had done it differently.

I wish I had some idea what comes next, but I just dont.

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